The Danish membership of CERN is covered at the national level by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The membership terms are stipulated by international convention and the membership contribution is calculated on the basis of the national GDP.

The Danish membership contribution amounts to about 19.5 MCHF for 2015. The current yearly grant to NICE is 7 MDKK (1.02 MCHF) for 2015, i.e. about 5.2% of the national CERN membership fee.

NICE funds:

  • Membership fees of CERN experiments that have Danish participation (see under Experiments and Research) for the current list. The membership fees are established through memoranda of understanding (MoU) and cover for example Maintenance and Operations (M&O), i.e. basic running cost of the experiments.
  • Travel to the infrastructure to maintain, develop and run the infrastructure (f.ex. the LHC experiments ALICE and ATLAS that operate on a 24/7 basis).
  • A small number of fixed term positions for the LHC experiments to maintain, develop and run the infrastructure, notably Danish detectors.
  • Running costs related to maintaining, running and repairing the experimental infrastructure.

Larger investments related to upgrades, new construction, computing etc. require special applications. These funds may be channeled and overseen through NICE.

Roadmap for large infrastructure:

The Danish high energy community has submitted the proposal CERN-UP, which is a ten year plan for the upgrade of the detectors systems with Danish participation (ALICE, ATLAS, ELENA, TSR/ISOLDE; GRID computing, HPC).

Link to the proposal >>